A Room of One’s Own

I have a room of my own.

And a slim desk on which sits my computer where I sometimes write. I have a steady income, but every day I have to work for it. An inheritance is nice to have, but I’m not certain, I doubt very much, that I’ll come into it someday.

But that is alright, I imagine Ms.Woolf telling me while we sit idly in a cafe.

These days, Shakespeare’s sister only needs to get an agent or an internet, especially if she likes to experiment. The challenges of women writing fiction that Ms. Woolf argued beautifully in this extended essay may no longer be as serious as when Charlotte Bronte created Jane Eyre.

If Jane Austen were alive today, she can write anywhere and without shame.

Still, Ms. Woolf’s warnings and challenges are not lost on me. Some of them hurt as truth usually does. I had no idea, you begin to think, I had no idea how grateful we women should be and how much there is to be done.

I feel sorry now that I didn’t read this in college. If I had, Ms. Woolf would have done me a great service, the kind that one can expect from a loving, but tough and effective sister.

So for all the women who are still confused about their destiny or are insecure in any way, here’s my advice: READ THIS BOOK. And then dream and dare to do something great. It doesn’t have to be through writing.

Just be someone who creates something that inspires.

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