The first adult classic book I’ve ever owned that wasn’t a suggested reading was Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. A friend in high school gave it to me as a Christmas gift. When I remember this friend now, I thought it was amazing how she knew me before I knew myself because it would take many years before I appreciate that gift. What happened was I didn’t know how to read it. Satire was not exactly a part of any 15-year old girl’s to-do list. I imagined myself reading the first line “It is a truth universally acknowledged…” and asking myself rather helplessly What does that mean?  I could not even interpret the cover of the book which had a painting of very fine lady.  I had books which had the picture of a wild pig’s head on a stick or a little girl tending a garden, but never of a very fine lady with eyes that hold a certain promise.

My curiosity about Elizabeth Bennet will remain dormant for years until a film adaptation so interesting that I had to give Jane Austen another try. Classic novels have that magic in them.  They lure our minds and hearts from the dusts of everyday life. So as part of my commitment to read more classics and other books of note, I created this space to record my mental journeys.

Jump in. Or better yet, read with me. Then fear nothing but interruption.

The classics reader is a market researcher who loves to philosophize about popular culture such as books and movies.

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