Gone With The Wind

Scarlett O'Hara is a very passionate character. She married a stranger to seek revenge against her ideal lover, Ashley Wilkes, who loved another woman. She ruined her hands and hurt her back from bending too much to pick cotton that she might sell for food. When Rhett Butler was too casual or glib, she lied about her true feelings for him.

The Great Gatsby

This is a failed love story between a man, who invents his persona and wealth, and a beautiful woman, who can offer nothing else than the sweet melody, the sound of money in her voice. It's an empty dream and Gatsby will know in the end that reality is more complicated than what he had invented for himself. That happiness is more elusive and that his means to get it does not make him a correct man.

This book made me realize the cost of war & it’s not just the loss of humanity

My first reaction after reading Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five is that the 215 pages of text are very readable, but the narrative is not simple. Any story about the effects of war is not simple. This book is also a metafiction----the first chapter, for instance, is a preface, a long one. So expect to be rewarded by the intimacy of the author explaining to the reader why he wrote Slaughterhouse-Five and how he wrote it in such a way that makes sense to him.

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter is about the deaf-mute, silverware engraver, Mr. John Singer who, after losing his only friend to an institution, finds himself in the company of four lonely strangers: an adolescent girl who dreams of becoming a successful pianist, a jack of all trades who hates the capitalist system, a colored doctor who believes that his race must uplift themselves, and a cafe owner who doesn't say much, but has longings of his own.

I Am Legend

I never liked smoking and drinking so much before this novel. Or listening to classical music while toiling away in desperation. I've chopped garlic myself with Pavane in the background when I'm in one of my gourmet cooking moods, but only Robert Neville has made me rethink the pungent smell of garlic that can stay in my flesh.