Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a story about a misguided student of science whose desire for discovering the secrets and mysteries of nature led him into a mad passion that gave birth to a creature so wretched in appearance.


The Great Gatsby

This is a failed love story between a man, who invents his persona and wealth, and a beautiful woman, who can offer nothing else than the sweet melody, the sound of money in her voice. It's an empty dream and Gatsby will know in the end that reality is more complicated than what he had invented for himself. That happiness is more elusive and that his means to get it does not make him a correct man.

Candide by Voltaire

If you read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Pride and Prejudice, you will at least be familiar with the styles that Voltaire used when he composed this novella: picaresque and satire. And what a combination in one book! To have adventures and laughs in one sitting is such a rare treat. The story begins… Continue reading Candide by Voltaire


There's something about a first-person narrative that always satisfies me as a reader, especially when the narrator is an outsider or trying to fit in, with good or bad intentions notwithstanding. It's easier to feel some kinship, some loyalty to a character who is less than perfect. We do prefer suffering because it's familiar. A… Continue reading Rebecca

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter is about the deaf-mute, silverware engraver, Mr. John Singer who, after losing his only friend to an institution, finds himself in the company of four lonely strangers: an adolescent girl who dreams of becoming a successful pianist, a jack of all trades who hates the capitalist system, a colored doctor who believes that his race must uplift themselves, and a cafe owner who doesn't say much, but has longings of his own.

A Tale of Two Cities

In brief, A Tale of Two Cities is the story of the devoted Lucie Manette and his unfairly imprisoned father, Dr. Manette and their escape from the horrors of Paris to London, before and during the French Revolution. Circumstances make the father and daughter dependent on the kindness and friendship of Manette's banker, Mr. Lorry. But Lucie's beauty binds them to the lives of the secret French aristocrat Charles Darnay and the hopeless and heroic Sydney Carton.