Nothing to Envy: A Review

This is a review of the nonfiction book published way back in 2009 called Nothing to Envy that I posted in goodreads in 2013. It's an introduction to the horror that is North Korea and is a good example of nonfiction writing based on interviews. I haven't got a chance to re-read this because some descriptions can… Continue reading Nothing to Envy: A Review

3 Books to read

I'm excited to share that I will be getting three new books soon. An early birthday gift filled with lots of inspiration. It took me a while to complete this list because sometimes, even when a published work becomes a bestseller, I still need to choose carefully.  Time and focus must not be wasted. And money. We… Continue reading 3 Books to read

Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

You'll discover that there's nothing simple about Strayed's writing. She's brutally honest yet sweet, like a mother who truly cares. To show her empathy, she shares her own life experiences, which is more than a troubled letter-sender can expect online. Who has time to reflect on another person's problem these days if you don't pay them to listen?