If there's one imaginary world I wouldn't dream of escaping into, it would be George Orwell's Oceania in 1984. In this world, a slight movement of your body or your face or a flicker of thought could betray you and get you arrested in the middle of the night. In this world, history is as precious as a long-forgotten singing game. In this world, everyone can't be trusted, even children.

Why I read classics

The appeal of reading classics, to me at least, is to learn new phrases and words I rarely encounter in modern literature or even in blogs. That they are inside the pages of these books that are fairly moderate to difficult to read, waiting for my discovery, is part of the magic one feels when… Continue reading Why I read classics


Let me start by saying that I've watched the film adaptation years ago before I read my second Ian McEwan novel. And as in many cases, reading the book is more rewarding and satisfying. Atonement is about an adolescent girl, a fantasist, who commits a crime unforgivable and life-changing by sending to prison an innocent man, who's also her sister's lover.


Good heavens! why did I marry? And there's the tale of woe in a sentence by Madame Emma Bovary, the country doctor's wife whose eyes can pierce a man's heart, whose pale complexion is much adored. In summary, the eponymous french novel is about a woman who, to her misfortune, discovers that her husband taught… Continue reading MADAME BOVARY