Animal Farm

If there's one writer who didn't waste words in telling a story, George Orwell is on top of my list.Every noun and verb and adjective that created the Animal Farm told the reader exactly what is happening. And every seemingly small detail has meaning in the chapters succeeding that one can't help but admire Orwell's perfect timing, for lack of a better term, in making his intentions known for each character or for his action.


If there's one imaginary world I wouldn't dream of escaping into, it would be George Orwell's Oceania in 1984. In this world, a slight movement of your body or your face or a flicker of thought could betray you and get you arrested in the middle of the night. In this world, history is as precious as a long-forgotten singing game. In this world, everyone can't be trusted, even children.

Why I read classics

The appeal of reading classics, to me at least, is to learn new phrases and words I rarely encounter in modern literature or even in blogs. That they are inside the pages of these books that are fairly moderate to difficult to read, waiting for my discovery, is part of the magic one feels when… Continue reading Why I read classics