Don’t steal sweet rolls

I've started reading Anna Karenina again, after reading about 300 pages (out of 817) two or three years ago. I knew from the start that I wasn't ready for it. You don't just wake up one day and decide that you wish to explore infidelity and its consequences.



In victorian era, how does a lady get back her former admirer, once rejected? Accept his indifference and coldness until the sight of you in danger of collapsing renews his former sentiment. When you see him in a room and he comes to you, engage him in conversation. Don't just talk about the weather. Be perfectly useful when an accident involves the lady who might replace you in his affections. Be the better woman for not jumping from heights.


Good heavens! why did I marry? And there's the tale of woe in a sentence by Madame Emma Bovary, the country doctor's wife whose eyes can pierce a man's heart, whose pale complexion is much adored. In summary, the eponymous french novel is about a woman who, to her misfortune, discovers that her husband taught… Continue reading MADAME BOVARY